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A Rehabilitation of the 1906 John L. Tushek Building

Lake Village, Arkansas

Built originally in 1906 by a Hungarian immigrant to the small southeast Arkansas town, the building was long vacant on a prominent downtown corner before the City of Lake Village acquired it to house all their city offices, previously scattered throughout the community.  Funded by grants from USDA and the Arkansas Energy Office, The project earned LEED Certified status, and was one of three projects nationally exhibited by USDA at their annual conference in San Diego.

The entire ground floor of the building was essentially reconfigured, an elevator added, new restrooms and completely new electrical and mechanical systems.  The second floor of the building, originally a boarding house, was essentially kept intact as the floor plan lent itself well to new office space.

The project earned credit from the U.S. Green Building Council for diverting away from the landfill, over 95% waste generated by the project--this was done by recycling, by donating materials and even using unused interior doors as art on one of the walls.  

Other sustainable strategies included low water use plumbing fixtures, variable refrigerant flow mechanical systems, LED lighting and recycled cotton denim jeans as building insulation.  Use of cotton in this way seemed highly appropriate, given the county's long history as being a major producer of cotton.

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