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One of the reasons we love historic buildings is because we recognize the beauty, passion and skill that went into creating them.  It only seems fitting that we help extend their life to future generations by matching that level of care and seriousness that previous generations invested.

Founded in 2022 by Veronica Lilly, Historic Works, LLC is a licensed construction management business formed to support discerning clients of Revival Architecture, Inc. in executing highly specialized restoration projects where rare skills, high-level workmanship and use of top quality materials are paramount to the success of the project.  Through 25 years of experience in the field of historic preservation, we have established working relationships with a network of fine tradespeople that are considered experts in their craft.  We would love to get them involved on your project.

On a limited number of projects each year, we plan, budget, hire, organize & manage the project to see it all the way through to successful completion.

Interested in learning more?   Email Veronica at 

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