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Reliance Healthcare

This project will always occupy a special place in our heart and history.  It was our first project stamped by Ruby Architects, Inc.* in 2006.   We were involved early in the site and building design.  Reliance Healthcare desired a new building where they would occupy the second floor with lease space on the ground floor.  The challenge, of course, was giving prominence to the tenant on the second floor.  This was achieved through use of an atrium and strong and inviting stair case immediately upon entry.

The front entry canopy, clad in copper and boasting a significant cantilever with minimal apparent structural support, would be highlighted through the use of copper "rain chains", which were a feature already finished on the main office of the general contractor, Harco Constructors, and designed by Ruby and desired by Reliance Healthcare.  The difference, however, is that the rain chains would become a permanent water feature by allowing water to flow continually even when not raining through the use of a custom re-circulating system that would run through an interior water feature as well.  

The project involved both interior and exterior design.  An interior designer would be be retained for artwork and fixtures inside.  The building is approximately 25,000 s.f. in total.

* Ruby Architects, Inc. would eventually become Revival Architecture, Inc. in 2018.

Conway, Arkansas

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