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Private Residence

Located close to the Country Club in a neighborhood established in the early 20th century, the owner desired a home designed in the Georgian style that would help it blend in to its surroundings, despite the fact that it was ​completed in 2006.  Careful details were employed to give it a sense of history including wood mold brick laid in the flemish pattern, cut limestone elements carefully coordinated to course with adjacent brick masonry and operable shutters.  Though not overly ornamented, the cornice adds a touch of refinement and interest.

Situated on a large lot with great care taken not to disturb the largest oak trees, the grounds were handled by renowned garden designer P. Allen Smith, creating numerous garden spaces for outdoor enjoyment and reflection.  

At the ground floor, double layers of stud walls create the illusion of thick, load bearing masonry walls, complete with beautiful paneled trim and oak floors.  The entry hall received a expertly patterned painted floor.

Little Rock, Arkansas

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