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Introducing Historic Works, LLC

We are very pleased to introduce to you Arkansas's newest licensed general contractor, Historic Works, LLC. Led by Veronica Lilly, a 1998 graduate of the construction management program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Historic Works, LLC has been formed to assist clients of Revival Architecture, Inc. in seeing their restoration projects completed with the highest possible degree of craftsmanship. After 25 years in the industry, we have developed a healthy network of like-minded colleagues that really know their craft-- masons, carpenters, plasterers, painters, blacksmiths, stone carvers and more. Some have been practicing their craft for generations. They have a passion for it and you can tell.

We too have a passion for what we do--and there is nothing we desire more than a happy client. With that in mind, Historic Works, LLC aims to serve in the role of construction manager and consultant for historic buildings and properties. It is in this role we have the greatest ability to form a team of qualified and capable personnel that understand instinctively what our goals are.

It is well known that architects these days are no longer responsible for the "means and methods" in construction. On sensitive historic preservation projects, however, means and methods are absolutely critical and essential to a project's success. By becoming a licensed general contractor, we now aim to have greater control over means and methods and the hands responsible for executing select projects on which we are involved.

Visit our new page on our website to learn more!

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