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Heart.  Mind.  Soul. 

        We love historic buildings--restoring them, re-habilitating them, bringing them back to life.  We love reviving great buildings and places.  We have an insatiable desire for learning, visitng new places, experiencing great architecture, discovering what's been built before.  We're passionate about caring--to see great buildings get built by teaming with others as passionate as we are.  We absolutely love what we do.

We aim to revive great buildings and places through trust.  It takes numerous individuals working towards a common goal--but a team of passionate and capable professionals must be trusted to perform their task.

Put Simply:

  • We are more passionate about great architecture that already exists, than we are in conceiving new.

  • We feel more connected to building materials of yesterday; wood mold brick masonry, stone, slate, old-growth wood, than the ever-evolving material trend of tomorrow.

  • We have an insatiable desire to learn the lessons of the past and put them into practice today.

  • Though our buildings today are far more complex than buildings of just a few years ago, the importance of building wisely has never been more critical than it is today--and we believe by learning history, we can become better designers.

We long to be involved on projects where others share our hearts' desire for great architecture and craftsmanship. 

           We seek to be challenged by clients that demand more.  Architecture should invite, inspire, encourage, support, and fulfill.  It is more than mere shelter.  Accomplishing this requires reviving the design process.  It is a thoughtful exercise requiring time that involves defining the project and goals, researching precedents, exploring ideas, and shaping solutions.  We ask questions.  We hope you do too.

We aim to revive the design process by practicing patience.  By refusing to short-circuit a healthy, natural, thinking process, we emphasize the importance of the collaborative effort of working through the design.

           Great architecture exudes inner strength.  Great places are full of spirit.  However, creating buildings from scratch with soul is almost impossible--usually it is earned, over time.  That process begins by using quality materials that age gracefully, put together by people that know their trade.  For us, it is imperative that we revive craftsmanship.

We aim to revive craftsmanship by designing and specifying in a manner that requires quality and encourages longevity

Simply summarized, we have a strong desire to put into practice the passionate heart, inquisitive mind and longing soul that was put into us by our awesome Creator.

Soli Deo gloria--to God Alone be the Glory!

Aaron C. Ruby, AIA, LEED AP


To learn more about his resume & background, click here:

"There is no preservation architect I would recommend higher than Aaron."

William B. Worthen, Jr., Director

Historic Arkansas Museum, Little Rock

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